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Perspectivas de la Transferencia y Comercialización de Tecnología en USA: la visión de la Universidad de California, San Diego

Ruben Flores 

Director of Commercialization, University of California, San Diego

The University of California system is awarded more U.S. patents that any other academic Institution in the world. UC San Diego is the number one and two amongst all the campuses in the system on patents awarded and innovations created by its faculty and students. The Office of Innovation and Commercialization at UC San Diego is responsible for enhancing the campus ability to effectively capitalize on these inventions and foster programs to support the commercialization of all inventions. From the receipt and management of new invention disclosures to engaging in collaborations across different schools in campus, and the creation of entrepreneurial programs with our local partners, our office aims to remove barriers and make campus resources accessible to anyone who wishes to learn how to commercialize a new invention. Learn more and engage with us at



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